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url.urban-club-professional.net: Coming soon to a 33.6k modem near you.


Home (published on Day 1: July 8, 2019)
Music/Audio (published August 16, 2019)
Animation/GIFs (also published August 16, 2019)
Images (published September 8, 2019)


Vimeo (videos) (from early 2019)
Ranch Soil Records on Bandcamp (music/audio) (also from early 2019)
YouTube channels ~more videos~ (Ranch Soil 1/Ranch Soil 2)
Ranch Soil's TrackMania Nations tracks on TM-Exchange
"Octagons", RS's Command & Conquer: Red Alert map on OpenRA Resource Center
Ranch Soil's stages on Mugen Archive
Ranch Soil used to make maps for Quake 1, all of them can be found on Quaddicted.